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Some quotes from our Summit audience members:

“I LOVE this summit and have listened to everybody from yesterday two times. Every single person on your list of contributors is just so wonderful, inspirational and I’m learning a great deal. Thank you very, very much for all your hard work, and your dedicated support team.”

-Rev. Samadhi Longo-Disse, M.Div, STM, AMP,CSC, PhD

“It’s a life-game changer for me! A few days ago, I was completely unaware of what was just about to be unleashed…I’m so very grateful, moved & humbled to be gifted this amazing, life-altering Summit, and making the time a priority to listen to all the interviews so far!”

- Jenna from Ottawa, Canada

I just wanted to Thank You for orchestrating this Summit. It truly was a very comprehensive & full bodied learning. You really brought some of my favorite people together & shared so much amazing information Awesome work.

-H. F.

“I had absolutely no clue as to the powerful wave of emotions, feelings & awakenings that were in store as I listened to each amazing interview.”

- Jenna from Ottawa, Canada

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