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1: Integrative Approaches to Men’s Sexual Health

Integrative Approaches to Erectile Dysfunction
with Dr. Geo Espinoza, ND – Integrative Urologist at NYU Langone Medical Center

Tools for Male Sexual Empowerment & Success in Life
with Destin Gerek, Certified Sexologist – Transformational Sex Educator

Sexual Performance Starts with the Heart
with Shari James, RN, Founder of Architecture of Pleasure – Men’s Sexual Health & Performance Expert

The Ancient Taoist Approach to Sexual Health
with Richard Anton Diaz, Universal Tao Instructor – Daoist Qi Gong Teacher, Founder of SexySpirits


2: Empowering Women to Access Extraordinary Sexual Health

Empowering Clinicians & Patients to Talk Openly & Safely About Sex
Sheri Winston, RN, CNM, BSN, LMT – Author of “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal”

Hands-on & Hands-off Sexual Healing for Women
Pamela Madsen – 1st Exec Dir of American Fertility Association

The Venus Code: Tips & Tools for Women & Couples
Psalm Isadora – Sex Expert,  Yoga Teacher, Author, Filmmaker

3: Alternative Approaches in Therapy, Healing & Empowerment

Tantra as Medicine: A Doorway to Deeper Sex & Orgasm
Carla Tara, Psychotherapist – Psychotherapy & Tantra Expert, Author

Sex Education Equals Empowerment for All
Amy Jo Goddard, MA Human Sexuality – Sexual Empowerment Coach

An Authentic Approach to Addressing Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors of Children on the Autistic Spectrum
Rita Gendelman, M.S., OTR/L – Autism and Sexuality Expert

Miracles in Sex Therapy: Taking Your Practice a Step Beyond
Beatty Cohan, MSW, LSCW, AASECT – Sex Therapist, Author, Host of “Ask Beatty” Show on PRN

Why Are We Whispering?
Natalie Geld – Co-Founder of the Society for MindBrain Sciences, Author of “Sensual Intelligence”

Somatic & Vocal Approaches to Releasing Sexual Trauma
Megwyn White – Master Trainer, Embodiment Technologist, Founder of Embody Voice

The Healing Power of Sacred Spot Massage
Caroline Muir – Author of “Tantra Goddess: A Memoir of Sexual Awakening”


4: The Science and Medicine of Sex

The Neuroscience of Orgasm
Barry Komisaruk, PhD – Rutgers Distinguished Psychology Professor

Key Connections between Micronutrients, Sex & Mental Health
Dr. Barbara Bartlik, MD – Integrative Mental & Sexual Health

Bio-Intelligent Sexual Health
Dr. Eden Fromberg, GYN – Osteopath, & Women’s Health Expert

New Narratives for Sex, Eros & the Unfolding of our Conscious Evolution
Dr. Marc Gafni, PhD – Philosopher, Public Intellectual and Wisdom Teacher

Endocrine Disruption & the Truth about Sexual Function & Auto-Immune Disease
Sayer Ji – Researcher, Author, Founder of GreenMedInfo


PLUS: Our gift to you!

Receive bonus video with highlights from the Live Panel Event in New York City:

Healthy Sexuality & the Medicine of the Future.

This was the live debut event for the Sex & Medicine Summit on January 21, 2015. Enjoy excerpts from a panel of 5 outstanding experts, with scintillating discussion, film, arresting glimpses into the future of integrative medicine, & cutting-edge insights into human sexuality and its foundational role in health.


Bonuses Include:

  •  4 Livestream Recordings
  •  Enjoy 3 chapters from freshly-released Sensual Intelligence, the latest book from Natalie Geld
  •  A 1-hour Sexuality Breakthrough Session with Destin Gerek!
  •  An exclusive 20 minute tutorial video Tantric Breast Massage, with Psalm Isadora
  •  Education Course: Sexual Evolution, The 5 Stages of Sexual Need, with Amy Jo Goddard



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