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Learn how to harness the fuel for Your Life, Health, and Career.


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waking up and feeling completely delicious… filled up with subtle pleasure throughout your body that propels you to action in a smoothe, unfettered way.

your colleagues remarking, “Wow, you look different.  Did you get a massage or something?”  Picture just smiling, knowing exactly what they’re referring to, not needing to divulge any details.

imagine being so charged up and vitalized that projects seem to get done on their own with little effort.

and Envision feeling filled up, instead of depleted, exhausted, and running on auto-pilot half the time.

This is what’s possible with conscious and deliberate use of sexual energy as a source of “fuel” for your life!  Which is why I am excited to offer a new course for health care practitioners, caregivers, and educators:


“Integrative Sexuality: Harnessing the Fuel for Your Life, Health, and Career.”


This 6 Week Virtual Course will start May 26 through June 30th 2015
Tuesday nights from 7:00 – 8:00 PM EST

Integrative Sexuality 6-Week Course

Join Us!

Most of the time, when we hear the words “sexual” we think it has to do with intercourse, silk sheets, lacy underwear, or any number of other associations.  However, sexual energy, in various traditions throughout the world, refers mainly to the “creative life force” energy that powers all action and creation.

Years ago, when I first discovered Sexual Energy Cultivation Practices from the Daoist tradition, along with a number of other practices, and began actively applying them, my life changed dramatically.

A few of the results:

My income doubled after being offered a new position at the hospital I was working in at the time; my creativity shot through the roof and I made 10 paintings that year, culminating in a sold-out art show, (while still working my full-time job). And, I would be remiss to not mention that I also enjoyed a significantly improved intimate/sex life!


Anita Boeninger - Health and Sexuality

  What became available to me is available to you as well.  It’s simply learning how to harness the innate “life force energy” we were all born with.

That is why I’m so excited for you to experience this incredibly generative and life-giving set of practices which I’ve designed specifically for health care practitioners, caregivers, and educators:

“Integrative Sexuality: Harnessing the Fuel for Your Life, Health, and Career.”


Only $347 for this life-changing course!

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*In honor of the courageous and outstanding work of Dr. Harold Henning and those at Clitoraid, 7% of all proceeds from the sale of this course will go directly to their efforts. They have declared May 3-10 as “Clitoris Awareness Week.”

Dr. Harrold Henning - Clitoraid

By enrolling in this course, you will not only receive all the benefits of this knowledge yourself, but will automatically be empowering others around the globe to live a more whole & pleasurable life!

“Hello Dr Henning,

You have restored some hope in me. I never thought that this part of my body would come alive again. However it did thanks to you and Clitoraid. I so much wanted this surgery done and the satisfaction is indescribable. I am wholesome women again. As the French says “Merci infiniment.”

What the Integrative Sexuality Program Entails:


  • 5 one-hr weekly training sessions conducted over teleconference and accessible online (webcast).
  • 6th week session features Q & A, Celebrations & Miracles, and Special Guest Speaker!
  • Each session will be recorded, so you can access them even if you can’t attend live
  • 2 instructional practice videos for private use at home
  • Supplemental Materials: written and audio materials, articles, recommendations and resources
  • Weekly “Pleasure-Play” Assignments that are fun, minimize stress, and activate top performance in all spheres of your life
  • Private 1-1 Sessions:  Want top-level support for your integration process?  Purchase the Bonus Option of 2 one-on-one confidential 30-min integration calls with me to assess which tools and practices would best suit your needs as you go through the course.  The bonus option is an additional $97 (normally a $195 value!)


Who is the Integrative Sexuality Program for?


  • If are you a high achiever in every area of life…except sex.  Do you find yourself being repeatedly “too tired” or “too busy” for sex?  Are you bored with your sex life?
  • If you are ready to increase your level of sexual fulfillment and expression
  • For caregivers, educators, clinicians, and parents who want to increase their positive impact through their work, without having to sacrifice their own health and pleasure in life!
  • If you are wanting to have more on-going vitality, zest for life, and creativity, so you can have enough fuel to do all the things you desire to accomplish (i.e. that passion project, that trip to Florence, more energy for your partner and your family, creativity to start your own business, etc)
  •  If you are wanting to grow emotionally & professionally in new ways that enhance your expression & capacity for connection with everyone around you
  • If you want to deepen your existing primary relationship, or attract a new partner that is sexually compatible for you
  • If you want to learn new ways to maximize your health and even start to delay or reverse the aging process!



Some of the Reported Effects of Doing this Work:

  • Enhanced libido & vitality
  • Enhanced health
  • Enhanced capacity for sexual pleasure & connection
  • More creativity
  • Sense of subtle on-going bliss


  • More ease, less tension
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Magnetism & presence
  • More confidence



How to know if you are ready to take this course:


  • You are ready to consciously focus on sexuality as the foundation of everything you create, in order to improve the quality of your life
  • You are ready to feel more comfort, ease, and pleasure in your body
  • You are prepared to grow beyond unhelpful beliefs about your sexuality (especially limiting ones such as you are “too old;” “It’s never going to be better than is has been;” “I don’t like my body…” “I’m not very sexy…”etc).


My Quality Assurance promise to you:


If after attending every class & actively applying the practices and tools over the course of the 6 weeks, you do not feel this course has significantly improved the quality of your life in at least ONE of the following key areas, you will receive a 100% refund.


  •  Sexuality Integration:  increasing vitality on a daily basis, and heightened capacity for pleasure.  Your experience of yourself and your life is suffused with a subtle bliss.
  •    Heightened Creativity:  you start having more creative thoughts, actively generating your life from your core desires, perhaps taking on a new passion project or resurrecting a former creative venture.
  •    Expanded Capacity for Sexual Communication & Expression:  this can manifest as more joy, freedom, and comfort in voicing your desires with your partner; an increased understanding and awareness of what you like in bed; an enhanced ability to hold both discomfort and pleasure and dissolve old habits of denying/repressing feelings.
  •    Increased Magnetism: this is evidenced by experiencing more confidence, and having people be drawn to you, whether they want to work/collaborate with you, or are finding you sexually attractive.   This can also have the effect of rejuvenating your long-term partnership.
  •    Increased Happiness & Fulfillment: manifests in a higher baseline capacity to feel good emotions, comfort with sustained elevated moods, a feeling of high(er) self-worth and value, a feeling of self-love and true comfort with oneself.
  •    Increase in Creativity & Productivity in Your Career: shows up in innovative ideas and thinking, creative and adaptive responses, an increase in “flow states”, and in rapid problem-solving ability.


Only $347 for a life-changing course!


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*In honor of the courageous and outstanding work of Dr. Harold Henning and those at Clitoraid, 7% of all proceeds from the sale of this course will go directly to their efforts. They have declared May 3-10 as “Clitoris Awareness Week.”

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