We are thrilled to receive your interest in being an Affiliate Partner with the Sex and Medicine Summit. As a valued Affiliate Partner, you will receive 40% of the sales from the Summit offers (with a minimum of $100 in sales). We are excited to provide you with everything you need to have a successful and pleasurable experience with the Summit. Keep reading for important information regarding your special affiliate link and promotional opportunities…

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To begin your journey with us, head to your Affiliate Area right away! You can also always go to your Affiliate Art from the link in the upper right corner of this page. On the first page, you will see your Affiliate ID and Referral URL, also known as your Affiliate Link.  Make sure that you use that link no matter what to ensure leads are tracked back to you.




Go to the Settings Tab in the Affiliate Area. Make sure the check box is marked so you are receiving important information by email. This is also where you add the email address you are using to receive payments. We use PayPal to send out your affiliate commission.



We have created a special  Partner Promo Packet for you to pull from for social media posts and email copy. We recommend sharing as much as possible on Facebook, Twitter, and through Email.



We have also provided some spicy images for you to use in promoting the Summit. When you reach the Affiliate Area  you will see a tab called Creatives . This section provides access to four unique banners with HTMTL codes for your website, or alternatively just Right Click->Save As and upload the banners wherever you like! We are also adding more content consistently to that section, so keep checking back every day for more!



Entice your community by sharing the media outlets the Summit has been juicing up:

Summit Trailer

Ask Beatty PRN Interview

Sensheant Magazine Interview


Know that it can take up to 7 separate encounters before a browser will click on the content you’re providing for them. We recommend sharing as often as you are led to, with a recommended 3 Facebook/Twitter posts and 1 stand alone email to your list. You will find additional information in the Affiliate Partner Packet. Please send any questions you may have around effective sharing to info@sexandmedicinesummit.com. We are happy to help.

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