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Join over 20 other thought leaders, medical experts, & pioneers at the cutting edge of the integrative health movement in the upcoming Sex & Medicine Summit. This online broadcast series happening March 24-29, will give you fascinating insights into the neuroscience of orgasm, the connection of nutrition and sexual health, somatic intelligence & sexual expression, integrative approaches to erectile dysfunction, and much more!

Facebook Post #2:

Attention Health Professionals, Healing Arts Practitioners, & Educators:

Are you tired of operating on the verge of burnout? Maybe there’s more to helping others effectively without exhausting yourself. Find out the important links between adrenal fatigue, sexual function & vitality.

Join over 20 other thought leaders, medical experts, & pioneers at the cutting edge of the integrative health movement in the upcoming Sex & Medicine Summit.

We might know these things, but how do we implement them? This Summit will give you rare and provocative insights into how other practitioners are empowering not only their clients and patients, but themselves. It’s time to expand the vocabulary of health to include sexual vitality and wholeness.

Now it’s possible. The Sex & Medicine Summit, happening online March 24-29. gives you exclusive access to change-makers leading the way, who will share their secrets & stimulate the enjoyment factor of practicing medicine or the healing arts. Learn about the true bio-physio-sexual underpinnings of joy and healing; and the emerging model for embodying the kind of extraordinary health we all desire for those we serve.

Learn all of this and more by registering here (it’s free):

Facebook Post #3:

The Sex & Medicine Summit is leading the way in giving professionals in health and helping fields new and cutting-edge insights and tools all in one place: Tune into 20+ Leading-Edge Medical & Health Experts – For 1 Week Only—Get fascinating insights into an emerging model of medicine that includes sexuality – Salient & Real-Life Practical Tips, Tools & Resources—Flip the Paradigm: this is not sex as usual or medicine as we used to think of it.

Discover what the “medicine of sex” is all about!

Get involved in a growing community, with opportunities for live and online training for professionals. You will have access to cutting edge material few in this industry are even mentioning!

Find out more and register (it’s online & it’s free) here:

Facebook Post #4:

Be part of what’s next in integrative medicine! Don’t miss out on the upcoming ground-breaking Sex & Medicine Summit. Glean crucial & effective insights into the frontier of medicine and sex, such as the burgeoning sex therapy field, the science of orgasm & happiness, and much more!

If you’re here to make a big impact as a progressive leader in the health and helping professions, this upcoming unique and ground-breaking Summit is for you. Join us & register now for The Sex & Medicine Summit—ushering in a new paradigm for healthy sexuality & the medicine of the future.

You will have access to exclusive information on the following cutting-edge topics that you won’t find anywhere else:

~ The Neuroscience of Orgasm

~ Somatic Approaches to Healing Sexual Trauma

~ Micronutrients, Mental Health & Sexual Function

~ Autism & the Authentic Approach to Redirecting Sexual Misbehavior

~ Tools & Tips for Healthcare Professionals to Ignite Their Own Sustainable Vitality

~ Sex as a Preventive & Curative Force

~ Botanical & Supplemental Approaches to Treating Erectile Dysfunction

~ And much more!

I highly recommend prioritizing these crucial topics!




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  • Looking for a fresh take on sexual healing? Check out the #sexandmedicinesummit here and register for free!
  • Doctors, Doulas, and Scientists, oh my! Gathering March 24-29 for the #sexandmedicinesummit. Join them today.






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I want to invite you to join me and over 20 other thought leaders, medical experts, & pioneers at the leading edge of the integrative health movement in the upcoming Sex & Medicine Summit.
In this online broadcast series streaming March 24-29, you will discover important connections between nutrition and libido, mental health and sex hormones, as well as cardiac health, immune function & sexual vitality.

Specialized topics you won’t find anywhere else, such as integrative approaches to erectile dysfunction, are the hallmark of this unique and exceptional virtual Summit.
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This online educational Summit is specifically designed for healthcare professionals and those in helping fields who are ready to learn all about what’s next on the frontier of Integrative Medicine.

You can register online for free here: Insert Your Affiliate Link Here

I highly recommend checking out this Summit – It very well could completely re-invigorate your career and give you inspiration & tools for the rest of your life!

As a hard-working professional, you deserve to thrive!

Join The Sex & Medicine Summit, March 24-29th.

Find out more and sign up here

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