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“I have been listening and following event online. I really love how you are introducing the highest level feelings, sensuality, trust and awareness. You are an inspiration.. You and all of you guys. The world that you are opening to us is something that we all have and feel within, but somehow still have troubles to really embrace it. With your help and guidance we can all rediscover it and live it to the fullest.”     – Roman Herman, California

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Over 20 leaders in medicine and sexual health share in this groundbreaking series of interviews, panels, and livestream discussions!




Dr. Eden Fromberg, GYN
Osteopath, & Women’s Health Expert

Bio-Intelligent Sexual Health


Dr. Derrick DeSilva, MD
Former President of the American Nutraceutical Society

 Sex and Cardiac Health


Barry Komisaruk, PhD
Rutgers Distinguished Psychology Professor

The Neuroscience of Orgasm


Sheri Winston, RN, CNM, BSN, LMT
Author of “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal”

Empowering Clinicians & Patients to Talk Openly & Safely About Sex


Psalm Isadora
Sex Expert,  Yoga Teacher, Author, Filmmaker

The Venus Code: Tips & Tools for Women & Couples


Dr. Geo Espinoza, ND
Integrative Urologist at NYU Langone Medical Center

Integrative Approaches to Erectile Dysfunction


Pamela Madsen,
1st Exec Dir of American Fertility Association

Hands-on & Hands-off Sexual Healing for Women


Destin Gerek, Certified Sexologist
Transformational Sex Educator

Tools for Male Sexual Empowerment & Success in Life


Natalie Geld,
Co-Founder of the Society for MindBrain Sciences, Author of “Sensual Intelligence”

Why Are We Whispering?


Richard Anton Diaz
Daoist Qi Gong Teacher, Founder of SexySpirits

The Ancient Taoist Approach to Sexual Health


Carla Tara, Psychotherapist
Psychotherapy & Tantra Expert, Author

Tantra as Medicine: A Doorway to Deeper Sex & Orgasm


Rita Gendelman, M.S., OTR/L
Autism and Sexuality Expert

An Authentic Approach to Addressing Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors of Children on the Autistic Spectrum


Shari James, RN, Founder of Architecture of Pleasure
Men’s Sexual Health & Performance Expert

Sexual Performance Starts with the Heart


Amy Jo Goddard, MA Human Sexuality
Sexual Empowerment Coach

Sex Education Equals Empowerment for All


Caroline Muir
Author of “Tantra Goddess: A Memoir of Sexual Awakening”

The Healing Power of Sacred Spot Massage


Sayer Ji
Researcher, Author, Founder of GreenMedInfo

Endocrine Disruption & the Truth about Sexual Function & Auto-Immune Disease


Dr. Barbara Bartlik, MD
Integrative Mental & Sexual Health

Key Connections between Micronutrients, Sex & Mental Health


Beatty Cohan, MSW, LSCW, AASECT
Sex Therapist, Author, Host of “Ask Beatty” Show on PRN

Miracles in Sex Therapy: Taking Your Practice a Step Beyond


Megwyn White, Master Trainer, Embodiment Technologist
Founder of Embody Voice

Somatic & Vocal Approaches to Releasing Sexual Trauma

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“I found Anita to be a wise and insightful interviewer… a force to be reckoned with.”    – Caroline Muir, Summit expert, author & educator



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